Bel and Quinn | Concert en duo

National Arts Centre, Elgin Street, Ottawa

Accompanied by the unmistakable sound of Quinn's electric guitar, women-led ensemble Bel and Quinn will entice the NAC audience with their captivating harmonies. The two sisters of Haitian origin sing in French, Creole, and English, bringing to life electrifying music that fuses Haitian rhythms with jazz and soul. The themes of self-acceptance, mental health and healing resonate with music lovers and envelop them with a comforting feeling.

Bel writes the lyrics while Quinn composes and arranges the original pieces brilliantly, in addition to establishing herself as a talented jazz guitarist. Committed to promoting female artists, the duo surrounds itself with some of Canada's most talented musicians, including award-winning drummer Salin Cheewapansri, award-winning saxophonist Beth McKenna and well-known tenor saxophonist Marie-Josée Frigon as well as trumpeter Josiane Rouette.